Interzum Exhibition at Guangzhou, China
ADiNO® Klebstoffe has taken another big step forward by entering into a production corporation with Listen Hotmelt Adhesive Ltd and establishing a new production corporation in China. This new venture by ADiNO® is to cater towards growing demand for ADiNO® products in the Asia Pacific region. ADiNO® has its roots in Thailand, having started off as a private-label adhesive supplier focusing on the mattress, sofa and furniture industry.
"We started in 2014 to co-operate with a few experienced medium-sized adhesive manufacturers in Europe and imported the finished products in our own brandname, ADiNO®."
Ms Bua Nuchpradit, co-founder of ADiNO®
Located in the northern part of Germany, ADiNO® was established to coordinate all the R&D activities, sourcing and qualification of raw materials used in the manufacturing, quality control and product certification as well as the supervision of contract manufacturers worldwide. In addition to in-house expertise, ADiNO® also works with a team of independent specialists and laboratories to further enhance the products of ADiNO®, explained Mr Dieter Steinert, managing director of Adino GmbH.
In mid-2018, a production, marketing and distribution agreement was signed between Listen and Adino to produce a certain range of ADiNO® hotmelts and only after four months, a new hotmelt production line with a capacity of 8,000 tonnes per year started to produce a certain range of EVA-based Adino hotmelts. Furthermore, Listen become the exclusive distributor of the complete Adino product range in China and introduced the products during the recent Interzum fair in Guangzhou.
"With the strong distribution network of Listen and the professional technical support of Adino, we are very optimistic of the Adino range of products for the Chinese market. In the long term we are also looking for a joint venture plant in China to add a PUR adhesive portfolio to the existing ADiNO® PUR hotmelts made in Europe."
Wang, the managing director of Listen
“ADiNO® ’s strategy is to focus on R&D, the application process and support at site, a strong sales and marketing network and a regional availability of ADiNO® products through a well-established distribution network. Our Technical and R&D teams qualify, audit and manage our trustworthy and reliable toll manufactures in Europe and in Asia.

We adopt the strategy of not building our own production capacity. Our strength lies in the product knowledge, application and distribution know-how while our partner companies have the production know-how and available capacities for the licensed production of ADiNO® products. Basically, it is a concept similar to many well-known businesses where they only focus on their knowledge of design, marketing and distribution but producing their products at selected independent factories worldwide.”
Dieter Steinert